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Varsity Sports Marketing & Advertising

Product Portfolio

With established relationships with hundreds of High School & College Athletic Departments, our products help create awareness and boost game-day event attendance. Our quality promotional products enable local businesses around each school to sponsor and support select seasonal sports teams. 


  Team Schedule Posters

 Seasonal Tickets

Schedule Cards

Value to Schools, Teams & Advertisers:

  • We create beautiful, full-color team schedule posters, game
  • Great-looking posters for distribution to the individuals of your choice. Some schools even sell them for additional revenue.
  • Increased attendance at your events which means greater ticket revenues and increased concession sales.
  • You build great community support. A community project that brings local businesses and schools together.
  • We develop the necessary ad copy for each of the advertisers from your community.
  • We handle all the printing, billing customers, collecting, and shipping